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whistling sound/white smoke exhust Pls Help

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i have a 2015 veloster turbo and i believe the turbo has been blown. why? well it started a few weeks ago driving and all of a sudden i felt power lost, i thought maybe i just needed to change a fuel pump and after do that it still wouldnt get power like before. after that incident i started hearing a whistling sound coming from the turbo area every time i accelerate pass 2000rpm and it get louder the higher the rpm. a few days ago white smoke started coming out from my exhust. so today i went a check if i had boost leak and the pipe that connect to the turbo to the intercooler had about 2qt of oil. i know thats not normal.

Can someone help me?

im no mechanic but i do like to save money so i do everything myself.
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also my VT has 99k miles on it, no engine light on, no codes has been shown to this day. im just confused on what happened to my car
If that much oil in the hot pipe the turbo is likely blown
I agree with TRDtoy, the turbo is gone. If all you have is a powerless whine/whistle the compressor wheel is probably worn from shaft play.
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