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Whiteline Sway bars and Adjustable Endlinks

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Hey Guys!!
Whiteline has released their Sway bar Kit SET for the Veloster Turbo (Front and Rear) ...
The Rears will be avaliable in teh End of March and we are taking pre orders if anyone is intrested....:)

Front is 26mm Thick (3 Point Adj)
Rear 18mm (NON Adjustable)

You can pre buy here

2012+Veloster (NON TUBRO & TURBO MODEL) Whiteline Full Sway Bar Kit |

They Also have Adjustable End links

2012+ Hyundai Veloster & Veloster Turbo Whiteline Front Sway Bar Links |

Camber Bolts

2012+ Hyundai Veloster Non-Turbo and Turbo Whiteline Camber Adj Bolt Kit Veloster |

Front Control arm bushings

2012+ Hyundai Veloster & Veloster TURBO Whiteline Control Arm Front Bushing Veloster |
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At most youll be able to add preload to the fsb. They are meant for coilover users that are low to keep thr fsb at the right angle and to it back to a neutral pos
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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