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Winter Driving... first impressions

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Well, let's qualify this thread by stating that I live in Canada. Edmonton to be exact, and we have had full on winter cold and snow since the middle of October.

- seat warmers are awesome!
- car starts flawlessly in the cold (-20 celcius)
- traction is acceptable. Occasional disengaging of the traction control button is required to get out of deep snow
- steering is a little flaky. I find the wheel jumps around a fair bit a low speeds and tends to 'track' the ruts too easily
- defogging/visibility. The car seems to heat up quickly and clears the windscreens fast from frost and ice. good feature. Could use mirror heaters.
- tires are acceptable. Definitely less traction than full on winter tires, but still pretty good for an all season.
- clearance is good, no problems getting over the mound and ruts everywhere
- headlights are weak when covered in snow and grime. Could use an HID upgrade

total score? 7/10 for a FWD car.
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Funny, in Aus we do not have seat warmers but we have mirror heaters and we do not get snow other than in the mountains.....
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