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Hello everyone!

I'd like to take a little bit of time here to do a little compilation review of items. I(and i'm sure many of you) live where snow and cold temperatures are prominent, That being said I know I also had the concern of how certain items may perform in subzero temperatures(common here in Minnesota). The following will hopefully help anyone that may be considering buying these items or may potentially be moving some place with low temps. So feel free to ask questions on any of the items I talk about.
ps:If this gets good response I'll continue as more winters(and mods) come.

1.Ebay D1 Spec oil catch can
This is one product I probably have the most obvious complaint about(although its probably my fault, hence bolts I rammed into it)I found the oil that was being collected in the bottom of the can to be nonviscous what so ever. I'm sure this is mainly cause the bolts I rammed into the side to replace the level sight aren't sealing completely and allowing air(and some water) in. So any oil that collects in the can has to be removed by removing the entire can from the vehicle. As far as the rest of the can dealing with the weather I've found the fuel line holding up just fine as well as the gaskets and can itself.

The verdict; If you get one make sure it's well sealed and check it often and don't use cheap hoses.

2.Redline Mt-85 Trans fluid(sorry for the basic picture)
Honestly This fluid seems to be doing surprising well with the cold temps. It almost doesn't even feel like the fluid functions any differently with the temperature. I did notice a bit of difficult shifting in the absolute extreme colds(-20fahrenheit), But other than that I found the fluid to be really good.

The verdict; Good choice for the winter!

3.MBRP XP series Catback Exhaust
I'd like to touch on the one thing that I know has been a bit exhausted but worth noting. The noise of this exhaust at startup and with the windows up. I can hardly remember the last time I rolled my windows down and for that i've paid much more attention to the sound of this exhaust while driving. While driving down the highway I found that the exhaust, once warm, was actually very tame and quiet. You could definately hear it but not to the extent where most people would consider it annoying or unbearable to drive with. That being said... Upon startup.. I won't beat around the bush. My neighbors most definately wake up. The high idle and cold temps definately pull out some burble in this exhaust so be warned.
I'd like to continue to explain to you how well the composition of the stainless steel is doing and if the salt on the roads is doing any signs of rust but since this is the first winter I don't want to give false hopes and I can't make even a general verdict.

The verdict; good buy to run year round but be friends with your neighbors.

I'll leave it at that and maybe do another one if there's some interest. I'd like to review more than just "go fast" mods but I hope this gave at least one person some things to consider for those on the fence.

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