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Winter Wheels/Tires

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I put these winter wheels and tires on about a month ago and I was wondering if it was a waste of money because we haven't had any snow at all yet this year. Last night we got our first decent snowfall and am I ever glad I put these on. The car pushes through the deep snow on side streets with no problem! Sadly, they plaster the main roads with salt here and my VT is covered in her first good coat of winter salt :sad: - I guess the salt-free VT couldn't last forever.

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If anyone is wondering the tires are 215/45R-17 General Altimax Artic and they seem great so far for a reasonably priced tire.
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it always nice when the aesthetics and the functionality of things are both great. nice choice with the rims and tires
i got bridgestone blizzaks 205/55R16 ws70!!! 500$ drives like a beast!!! totally worth it~
Thanks guys :smile: I bought them because they were reasonably priced and I hate steelies. I think I like these rims better than the stock ones so I don't know what I'm going to do in the spring. Yet another set of rims I guess....
Looking at getting winter tires this year for my 2013 VT and was curious if you still had the above winter tires? If so, could I get the name and size of the rims and tires? Thanks!
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