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Wonder how well this would work out

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So I was watching some videos while bored at work and this happened to come up after one I was watching:

I noticed in the comments that the guy built a custom charge pipe from the IC to the TB and blocked off the stock bpv. Wonder what it would cost to have one of the sponsors (tsocks or 845) build a custom charge pipe for the stock IC with a BOV flange welded to it along with the block off plate. Also wonder how well this would work out in the long run.

Obviously swapping to a larger FMIC is the best way to go and would net the best results, but I know I'm not the only one out there who wants to get that done just don't have the extra money for that at the time. One would assume that it would be significantly less expensive to have a small portion of piping fit and weld a flange onto it, toss it in a box with a couple of new silicon couplers and some tbolt clamps, and ship it than a full FMIC kit.

Anyone else who has the stock set up interested in something like this? Or am I alone on the crazy train?
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i really wish we could've gone the stock replacement route.. we could've capitalized on this.. however the price to performance payoff ... wasn't existant.

as far as power it wont really give much more power as the hot side is definitely more restrictive(unless the cold side balloons on hard accel but i didnt see evidence of that on the dyno.. but it'll sound awesome sauce lol
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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